The Elephant's Child
I keep six honest serving-men
They taught me all I knew;
Their names are
What and why and when
And how and where and who.

-Rudyard Kipling

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Wise Eyes is a contemporary coming-of-age story dedicated to the great Beehive State, Utah. First in the series, Wise Eyes: the Adventure Begins is set in the far-northern region of the state, Cache Valley.

You'll meet the main character Daniel, (who's 14), Jenny, their friends and family. You'll learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint culture, be subjected to vegetarianism and its school of thought and have the opportunity to ponder many of the great mysteries of life. 

Possibly the 1st "green" novel for young-adults, author Marcy Hope Williams offers unique perspectives that only a true granola-cruncher could write.

Lexile Measurement: 880








Marcy Hope Williams' original folktale, How the King Got His Aire is now available for a listen.

The story was first aired March 21st on David Bullock & Cathy Barker's radio program
"The Story Mine" on KPCW Park City Utah. 

Teachers - if you're doing a study on homonyms, or if you're reading "pourquoi" stories as
Rudyard Kipling used to tell, you may want to incorporate this story.

The front cover illustration was painted in watercolor by Christine Sutherland, the same artist
that painted the cover of the story, "Twiga" (pronounced tweegah). 





Author Marcy Hope Williams shares her original folktale, which tells the
story of a young giraffe with a middle-child complex. Travel with her to
the plains of the Serengeti in Africa to witness this triumphant tale of
self discovery. And don't be surprised if you pick up some Swahili along the
way! This book is dedicated to all of the sons & daughters who ever
questioned their mother's love.

This special 1st edition of Twiga is a six-page short story printed on 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" paper. The unique cover art was created by award-winning master silk painter Christine Sutherland & is guaranteed to touch your heart. A must for all family libraries.


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Teachers - is there a science fair in your future?

3rd-6th grade educators will find the perfect engaging, educational & entertaining book for their science curriculum in this full-colored 32 page, 8 1/2 x 11-inch book illustrated by Scott Wakefield, one of Utah's best!

Actively engage your students with A Crack in the Night to jumpstart their project.  Journey with Tanner as he overcomes his challenges and solves this mystery.  Watch him use real investigation, observation, record and journal his findings, and conduct his own experiment.

A Crack in the Night will:

  •     • Introduce the nature of science & science processes

  •     • Demonstrate science concepts

  •     • Address the importance of creativity & imagination in scientific work

  •     • Act as a catalyst for science discussions

  •     • Enrich your curriculum while teaching state standards

  •     • Encourage outdoor discovery

  •     • Includes student's activities

  •     • With Kimberly Lott, Ph.D. & Max Longhurst, M.Ed.


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